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'A K Skipsey'  - Artist and Illustrator

I finally have some time to update and revamp my shop at long last. I will be introducing some new items and mediums to my shop albeit slowly, as there is only myself to make, update and create. If you are interested in purchasing a large canvas please head over to www.WelshArtByAKSkipsey ' A brand new section in motion is ' Digital clipart designs' made with the crafter in mind. Here you can purchase bundles of clipart in various file formats for using to create with. They also come with a commercial license, so yes, you can make products to sell, with them. if you head over to 'Amanda's Digital designs' on Facebook you'll find my new group dedicated to digital designs, with all sorts of ideas, info, tutorials and help to get you started on this journey.
Alongside this I will be adding jewellery, different size prints and 
other painted curios..... 

If you would a print in a different size or even on a canvas
please message me.

running wild for sub png.png

Thanks! Message sent.

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